Stuff Moms Say's 7 Best Tweets

1.  Totally logical. Frozen waffles are also a great dinner. Basically, I'm too tired to cook.
2. I'd go to this club. 

3. Driving with kids means you're always a distracted driver. 

4. Every single time. No joke. 

5. Priorities. 

6. This town would be amazing and annoying. 

7. Every time change ruins my life. 

We approve of this book. 

Nobody Likes a Cockblock: The Children's Book For Adults Who Aren't Getting Any 

Cockblocking by children is a serious condition that affects millions of parents around the world. 


The stars are out, it’s dark outside. 
I can see that there’s sleep inside of your eyes. 

Stay warm in your bed, on our door do not knock. 
Because nobody likes a cockblock.

The train’s leaving the station, it’s about to go down. 
My ticket is stamped for a trip to Pound Town. 

Your job is to sleep like the heaviest rock. 
Because nobody likes a cockblock. 

I love mommy so much. She’s my favorite cutie. 
Tonight I would like a piece of that bootie. 

Don’t ask for milk or help with your sock, 
because nobody likes a cockblock. 

Nobody Likes A Cockblock is perfect gag gift for Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthday parties, baby showers, baptisms, and of course, wedding presents.

Coming April 5th